National Para Challenge

The National Para Challenge (NPC) provides the opportunity for athletes with a disability across Canada to compete in a series of track and field meets for prize money. The NPC will enable athletes to be in direct competition against each other by basing their results on a percentile of the word record in their respective classes for each event. If a world record is listed as vacant, the top performance in 2016 will be used in a world record’s place. A listing of all world records will be posted on the NPC website ( Prize money will be awarded to the top male and female for each event. The NPC consists of eight events: 100m wheelchair, 100m ambulatory, 1500m wheelchair, 1500m ambulatory, Seated Shot Put or Club, Ambulatory Shot Put, Seated Discus, and Ambulatory Discus. In order for an athlete to win an event category, a two-phase process must occur: an athlete must compete in one of the eligible track and field meets listed below and submit their results prior to June 30th, and they must also compete in the 2017 Canadian Track and Field Championship. Results from the 2017 Canadian Track and Field Championship will be updated daily and replace a submitted result if it results in a higher score for the athletes. Results must be submitted online, at: